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PG Article on Dr. Joseph Maroon and the Anti-Aging Consortium

On Jan 04, 2023, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette write Anya Sostek wrote about Dr. Joseph Maroon’s recently formed anti-aging research consortium located at the AVIV Hyperbaric Oxygen Center in Central Florida. In a prior posted below, Dr. Maroon and the esteem members of the New Global Aging Consortium discuss why the consortium was formed and their plans […]


Health Tips for the New Year

DEC 31, 2022  The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette re-released articles of 2022 that provided healthy tips.  Included was the article about Dr. Joseph Maroon on his experience with hyperbaric oxygen therapy or HBOT, and the physical and mental improvements he experienced.  Below is the original article from June 12, 2022 and the new new article that includes […]

USA Global TV logo


April 8, 2022 Dr. Joseph Maroon was recently asked to appear on USA Global TV‘s Webcast to discuss, “LONGEVITY LIFESTYLE CHOICES: YOUR GENES ARE NOT YOUR DESTINY“. USA Global TV features Dr. Jacalyn Kerbeck and Beth “Annie” Stockdale who interviewed Dr. Maroon about his lifestyle choices. In the webcast Dr. Maroon discusses a wide range […]

Joe and Bettis Award

Jerome Bettis joins the Chuck Noll Foundation for Brain Injury Research’s Board

January 24, 2022  As a member of the Chuck Noll Foundation for Brain Injury Research Scientific Advisory Board, I’m pleased to join in the news announcing Jerome Bettis has joined our team.   Jerome will be joining the Board of Directors for the Chuck Noll Foundation for Brain Injury Research. Jerome’s thoughts and motivations for joining this growing […]

A4M Dec 2021 Conference Logo

Dr. Joseph Maroon Lectures on Psychosurgery at the A4M Meeting

December 2021 -Neurosurgeon, Dr. Joseph Maroon, was an invited lecturer at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine in Las Vegas, December 9 – 12, 2021. The A4M is the largest, all inclusive preventive medicine meeting. Physicians from over 20 countries and all medical specialties are invited and participate. His main presentation, […]

New Square One Book Cover 2019

Listen to Dr. Maroon’s Podcast on Gratitude

October 20, 2021  Podcaster, Matt Moran, recently interviewed Dr. Joseph Maroon about his life story and experiences as capture in Dr. Maroon’s book, Square One: A Simple Guide to a Balanced Life. Matt is a cancer survivor who, “experienced the blessing of Cancer, and found the joys this disease can bring.” This may not be a common […]

Participating in Sports and Exercise at any Age

August 2021 – In my recent book, Square One: A Simple Guide to a Balanced Life, I discuss the numerous benefits of exercise.  Particularly I focus on the mental/emotional and health benefits that exercising regularly can provide.  For me exercise helped to bring me out of a deep depression, improved my focus to resume neurosurgery, […]

Age Better

The Benefits of Omega-3’s for Stress and Aging

April 22, 2021  The science of epigenetics explains how our lifestyle and our environment can effect our health for better or for worse.  For example, scientists have studied populations that generally maintain a healthy weight and diet, exercise, have a less stressful lifestyle and avoid toxins (4 Pillars) can live significantly longer than than those […]

Session 4 Talk to a Parent

How to Discuss Dementia with a Parent

In a Series of Radio shows, Dr. Joseph Maroon’s colleague and physician assistant Jeff Bost PAC, presented information on Alzheimer’s disease and dementia related topics.  In the series of radio shows are entitled, Healthy Living and Dementia Prevention. During this series Mr. Bost talks about the most common risk factors for dementia, what can be […]