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Dr Maroon Podcast on Inflammation Nov 2020

Listen to Dr Maroon Podcast on Inflammation and Diseases of Aging

November 10, 2020 Dr Joseph Maroon recently was a guest of Positive University a podcast by author Jon Gordon. During each episode Jon and his guest share tips and strategies to stay positive, overcome challenges and make a greater difference. In his interview, Dr. Maroon discusses the dangers of excessive inflammation in our body and […]

COVID-19 and Changing Sleep Patterns

May 11, 2020  Obtaining a good night’s sleep is vital daily routine that many people just don’t do.  Whether it is due to work, child care, a noisy environment, or something else, unfortunately few Americans make sleep a priority. Additionally, even if people try to sleep more, according to a report from the CDC, about 30% of adults in America still […]

Dr Maroon Grand Canyon Rim Hike 2

Preparing for Life’s Challenges

December 2019  Northern Connections Magazine.  Dr Joseph Maroon is a featured contributor to Northern Connections Magazine.  In the December issue, Dr Maroon focuses on Building Resilience –Preparing for Life’s Challenges.  In the article Dr Maroon provides personal insights and tips on how you can “bounce back” from difficult experiences.  He makes the analogy of an athlete […]

Joseph Maroon, MD Joins Activz Advisory Board

Jan 31, 2019 Today, ACTIVZ Global has announced Dr Maroon has joined their Advisory Board.  ACTIVZ is a company that is dedicated to discovering new technologies, information and products that positively impact one or more the five pillars of health: physical, mental, financial, emotional and social. Dr Maroon will advise ACTIVZ on it unique dietary product supplement line and assist in […]

Dr Joseph Maroon lectures in China and Cleveland in Same Week

September 25, 2018.   Within seven days Dr. Maroon has lectured in both China and at Cleveland Clinic on very diverse topics.   On September 14 he lectured on stem cells and their applications for traumatic brain injury including the possiblity for concussion.  Seven days later on September 21 Dr. Maroon lectured at Cleveland Clinic […]

KDKA Morning News

Dr Maroon Interviewed on KDKA for upcoming Man of the Year Award

July 11, 2017 – Dr Joseph Maroon was interviewed today by KDKA radio personalities Larry Richert and John Shumway about his upcoming awards banquet sponsored by the Saints and Sinners Charity. The local chapter of the Saints & Sinners Club of America recently announced Dr Joseph Maroon as their 2017 Man of the Year and is […]

What Motivated Dr Maroon to Write his New Square One Book

Dr Joseph Maroon recently published his latest book, Square One: a Simple Guide to a Balanced Life.  From the title alone it is difficult to believe that this book is actually in many ways a story of Dr Maroon’s own personal life journey. Dr Maroon was recently interviewed PCNC Night Talk host Ellis Cannon about his Square […]

Dr Joseph Maroon Begins Another Season as Neurosurgical Consultant to Pittsburgh Steelers

August 9, 2015 Canton, Ohio.  As the Pittsburgh Steelers start their 2015-16 season with a preseason game against the Minnesota Vikings,  Dr Joseph Maroon looks forward to another year as neurosurgical consultant for the team.  Following his work with local high school teams in the Pittsburgh area, to help reduce an alarmingly high incidence of spinal […]