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  • The Brain & Exercising

    The benefitial effects of exercise on the heart, blood pressure, immune system and blood sugar levels have been known for a while. More recent research shows that regular physical exercise can have a strengthening impact on the structure of the brain, and hence improves brain function and reduces memory problems associated with aging. 

  • ImPACT Concussion Testing

    With ImPACT™, you can objectively assess brain functions that are typically affected if someone has a concussion. By administering ImPACT™ to athletes before they have a concussion (baseline), and subsequently when a concussion is suspected, individualized before-and-after comparison is possible. 

  • Concussions

    A concussion, also called “mild Traumatic Brain Injury” (mTBI), describes an injury to the brain resulting from a forceful impact to the head. This trauma to the brain causes electrical and metabolic changes that can sometimes make you pass out or feel dizzy. Find out more! 

You could say, “Football runs through Dr. Maroon’s veins”. He was an High School standout in football and earned a football scholarship to Indiana University where he was named a Scholastic All- American. With his football experience, Dr. Maroon is also quite familiar with the sport’s injuries, including concussions – which have become his avocation. Still an avid Football fan and the longtime neurosurgeon to the Pittsburgh Steelers, Dr. Maroon has dedicated a significant portion of his career to preventing and treating concussions.



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