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Dr Maroon Podcast on Inflammation Nov 2020

Listen to Dr Maroon Podcast on Inflammation and Diseases of Aging

November 10, 2020 Dr Joseph Maroon recently was a guest of Positive University a podcast by author Jon Gordon. During each episode Jon and his guest share tips and strategies to stay positive, overcome challenges and make a greater difference. In his interview, Dr. Maroon discusses the dangers of excessive inflammation in our body and […]

Penn Tumor Keynote

Dr Joseph Maroon Keynote Lecturer Brain Tumor Symposium 2020

Dr. Joseph Maroon has been selected to be the Keynote lecturer at the Neuro-Oncology Brain Tumor Symposium 2020.  This year’s virtual CME lecture series is hosted annually at the Penn Medical Abramson Cancer Center in Philadelphia, PA.   Previously,  keynote speakers included, (e.g., Ezekiel Emanuel, Neil Canavan) distinguished authors, recognized for their transcendent and inspiring work […]

Listen to Dr Joseph Maroon’s Interview on Wellness, Burnout and his Square One Book

October 2020.  Dr. Joseph Maroon was recently interviewed on Youtube about his upcoming lecture at the Global Workplace Wellness Summit on November 10-13, 2020. During the interview he shares his perspective on self-care, resilience, and leadership on workplace wellness.  The Summit’s hopes to answer the question, “Is Workplace Wellness Possible In The Face of Racial […]

Mind-Body Connection

How can we Build and Support our Immune Health?

September 2020. Dr Joseph Maroon contributes quarterly to Pittsburgh 55+ Magazine.  In his most recent article, How can we Build and Support our Immune Health? , Dr Maroon discusses the importance of our immune system for disease prevention and also recovery. In this article he introduces the concept of the Mind-Body connection, and its importance […]

CR Oct 2020

Dr Maroon Comments on CBD for Seniors in Latest Consumer Reports

September 8, 2020. The number one reason people use medical marijuana is for chronic pain.  This condition has also been the driving force behind the majority seniors who have obtained permission from their physicians to use medical marijuana.  But as noted in the recent article by Consumer Reports – A Guide to CBD and Cannabis […]

Sports Conference 2019 man

Dr Maroon Lectures at Sports Conference on Restoring Balance

At the December 2019 Sports Biometrics Conference in San Francisco, Dr Joseph Maroon presented a lecture on – Restoring Homeostasis. Dr Maroon shared insights to enhance balance for optimal sports performance and recovery. Dr. Joe Maroon MD, FACS is the Clinical Professor and Vice Chairman of Neurological Surgery and Heindl Scholar in Neuroscience at the […]

Brain Blood

CBD Increases Blood to the Brain

August 2020. Researchers at University College London have reported in healthy people high dose CBD increases blood flow to the memory area of the brain. The article was entitled – The effects of acute cannabidiol on cerebral blood flow and its relationship to memory: An arterial spin labelling magnetic resonance imaging study. Here they reported […]


Dr. Maroon Receives Clinician of Courage Award

ARTICLE COURTESY Univ. of Pittsburgh, Dept of Neurosurgery Pittsburgh, August 13, 2020 — Joseph Maroon, MD, Heindl Scholar in Neuroscience at the University of Pittsburgh, has received the 2020 UPMC Loren Roth Clinician of Courage Award. The award is presented to a UPMC physician who is thriving and/or serving as a leader within their community after having faced […]

NBA Maroon CBD Lecture 2020

Dr Maroon Guest Speaker For NBA on CBD

July 29, 2020. Dr. Joseph Maroon was an invited speaker at the 2020 National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) Virtual Sports Medicine Symposium on July 29, 2020. His presentation, “CBD: Potential Therapeutic Uses in Sports Medicine” was well received. Television personality, owner of the Dallas Mavericks and Mt. Lebanon native, Mark Cuban, also participated in the […]