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Glutathione in Brain

Dr. Joseph Maroon Visiting Professor at Norton Neuroscience Institute in Louisville, Kentucky

April 2024 – Dr. Joseph Maroon, Clinical Professor of Neurosurgery at UPMC was the invited professor to the Norton Neuroscience Institute in Louisville, Kentucky. The Norton Neuroscience Institute is a nationally recognized program for advanced treatment, breakthrough research and compassionate care in the state of Kentucky and southern Indiana. It is the region’s leading provider […]

Global Aging Summit 2024

Dr. Joseph Maroon Discusses Longevity in New Video from 2024 Global Aging Summit

March 2024 – Dr. Joseph Maroon, MD, FACS, is a clinical professor and Vice Chairman of the Department of Neurological Surgery at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. He is also the consultant neurosurgeon for the Pittsburgh Steelers, WWE and Vice President of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Dr. Maroon joined Dr. Amir Hadanny, Dr. […]

If You Have Ever Had Surgery You Should Read Dr. Joseph Maroon’s Most Recent Article

April 2024 If you have ever had general anesthesia, the type that, “puts you to sleep”, you most likely received various types of inhaled gases to accomplish this state of unconsciousness. The inhaled anesthetic, isoflurane, is commonly used to cause loss of consciousness before and during surgery.  Anesthetics that affect targeted receptors in the brain […]

Dr. Joseph Maroon Presents Concussion Prevention Study at 2024 NFL Physician’s Society General Scientific Meeting and Appears in Yahoo Sports Article

Feb 27, 2024 News Release 2024 NFL Physician’s Society General Scientific Meeting and Recent Yahoo Sports Article. Dr. Joseph Maroon, clinical professor of neurological surgery, was invited to present research on “the application of instrumented mouth guards in American football, rugby and beyond” at the 2024 NFL Physician’s Society General Scientific Meeting in Indianapolis. This […]

Football Brain

Dr. Joseph Maroon presents Research on Retaining and Restoring Brain Function

At the 18th Annual University of Pittsburgh Vanscoy Winter Academy on Feb. 15, 2024, over 300 researchers learn about the latest research on treating and studying brain and spinal cord injuries. A session was moderated by Clinical Professor of Neurological Surgery and Heindl Scholar in Neuroscience Joseph C. Maroon, who presented on, “Keeping Your Brain […]

Maroon Medal

Dr. Joseph Maroon Healthy Tips to Start When Young

In a Jan 30, 2024 interview by Business Insider, Neurosurgeon, Wellness Expert and Triathlete, Dr. Joseph Maroon, related his recommends for a healthy lifestyle to start when you are young.  The article, entitled, An 83-year-old neurosurgeon who does triathlons has 3 tips for younger people who want to be as fit and healthy as him. […]


Dr. Maroon Featured Speaker at Martins Ferry Ohio Fundraiser

March 18, 2024  Neurosurgeon, Wellness Expert and Author, Dr. Joseph Maroon, is the featured speaker at the upcoming March 18, 2024, Martins Ferry, OH, Chamber of Commerce annual charity dinner. Dr. Maroon grow up in the Bridgeport, OH, a sister town to Martins Ferry.  Many of Dr. Maroon’s friends and family still live in the […]

Dr Maroon AVIV Longevity Summit 2024

Dr. Joseph Maroon in the News

January 2024  Over the last several weeks Neurosurgeon and Wellness Expert, Dr. Joseph Maroon has participated and presented at several meeting that have lead to national news articles,  Here are a few: In December 2023, Dr. Maroon presented to the A4M (American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine) at their Annual Meeting in Las Vegas.  Dr. Maroon […]

Brain Stroke

The Second Most Common Cause of Dementia – Vascular Dementia

January 2024  The fear of dementia as we age is both real and justified.  With the US population age 65 and older growing, so too are the number and proportion of Americans with Alzheimer’s or other dementias. By 2050, the number of people age 65 and older with Alzheimer’s dementia is expected to nearly double […]