Dr. Joseph Maroon Presents Concussion Prevention Study at 2024 NFL Physician’s Society General Scientific Meeting and Appears in Yahoo Sports Article

Feb 27, 2024 News Release 2024 NFL Physician’s Society General Scientific Meeting and Recent Yahoo Sports Article. Dr. Joseph Maroon, clinical professor of neurological surgery, was invited to present research on “the application of instrumented mouth guards in American football, rugby and beyond” at the 2024 NFL Physician’s Society General Scientific Meeting in Indianapolis. This annual meeting of all NFL team physicians and trainers held at the Scouting Combine is the primary scientific session for the NFLPS.

Additional authors included Dr. Adam Bartsch of Prevent Biometrics; Dr. Vincent Miele and Dr. David Okonkwo, neurosurgeons at UPMC; Gabe Amponsah, head trainer for the Pittsburgh Steelers and Ben Jones, biomedical engineer. Over 250 attended the meeting where neurological and orthopedic injuries in the NFL were discussed. Drs. James Bradley and Craig Mauro also presented their work on repair of the abductor longus muscle in an NFL athlete.

Io Feb. 27, 2024, Yahoo Sports wrote an article discussing the results of the Rudy instrumented mouthguard study. Dr. Maroon was quoted as follows:

“I think [smart mouthguards] should be mandated in the NFL,” says Dr. Joseph Maroon, the longtime neurosurgeon for the Steelers and co-creator of ImPACT, a widely-adopted concussion test. “The NFL has long set the standard for concussion management, but I think in this instance, it’s rugby [leading the way],” says Dr. Maroon, who serves on Prevent’s advisory board.
An imperfect system: The NFL currently relies on spotters — certified athletic trainers positioned above the field with access to video replays — to identify possible concussions. Sometimes, they fail. “I see this as a major adjunct to ‘The Eyes in the Sky,'” says Dr. Maroon. “Those trainers would know within seconds the G forces of every hit.”

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