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Recognizing Signs and Symptoms of Dementia

In a Series of Radio shows, Dr. Joseph Maroon’s colleague and physician assistant Jeff Bost PAC, presented information on Alzheimer’s disease and dementia related topics.  In the series of radio shows are entitled, Healthy Living and Dementia Prevention. During this series Mr. Bost talks about the most common risk factors for dementia, what can be […]

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Targeted Use of Ketogenic Diet

February 25 2021  Healthy Choices Session 3 Ketogenic Diet In this session on Healthy Choices, Dr. Joseph Maroon discusses dietary energy sources from carbohydrates, proteins and fats. He then reviews the targeted uses of the ketogenic diet (KD) and how it can shift energy metabolism from using carbohydrates to healthy fats. He discusses the health […]

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Covid-19 and Neurological Function

December 7 2020 – Scientists and healthcare providers knowledge of COVID-19 and its treatments have advanced at lightning speed in the last year.  Initially, both the public and caregivers were treating treating symptoms as they occurred and hoped for the best.  We now know earlier treatments in severe cases and those to prevent potential complications, […]


Dr. Joseph Maroon & Dr. David Rabin PODCAST on the The Future Of Healthcare

Nov 2000 – PODCAST with Ben GreenField – The Future Of Healthcare, Wearables, AI, Plant Medicine & More With Dr. David Rabin & Dr. Joseph Maroon. START PODCAST NOW During this discussion, you’ll discover: Dr. Maroon Discusses Burnout and COVID-19…08:05 Someone who has had burnout and has survived it Bound by ambition to become a […]

A4M Science of Longevity Conference Dec 2020

Dr Joseph Maroon Lectures on the Neurological Uses for Cannabis and CBD

December 10, 2020 – The 2020 A4M Pain and Cannabinoid Medicine Update will be a virtual event that typically is hosted annually in Las Vegas.  Dr Joseph Maroon is the Senior VP of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and has been asked to present on the Neurological Uses for Cannabis and CBD. Brief Abstract: […]

Dr Maroon Podcast on Inflammation Nov 2020

Listen to Dr Maroon Podcast on Inflammation and Diseases of Aging

November 10, 2020 Dr Joseph Maroon recently was a guest of Positive University a podcast by author Jon Gordon. During each episode Jon and his guest share tips and strategies to stay positive, overcome challenges and make a greater difference. In his interview, Dr. Maroon discusses the dangers of excessive inflammation in our body and […]

COVID-19 and Changing Sleep Patterns

May 11, 2020  Obtaining a good night’s sleep is vital daily routine that many people just don’t do.  Whether it is due to work, child care, a noisy environment, or something else, unfortunately few Americans make sleep a priority. Additionally, even if people try to sleep more, according to a report from the CDC, about 30% of adults in America still […]

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Preparing for Life’s Challenges

December 2019  Northern Connections Magazine.  Dr Joseph Maroon is a featured contributor to Northern Connections Magazine.  In the December issue, Dr Maroon focuses on Building Resilience –Preparing for Life’s Challenges.  In the article Dr Maroon provides personal insights and tips on how you can “bounce back” from difficult experiences.  He makes the analogy of an athlete […]