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Dr. Joseph Maroon, neurosurgeon and best-selling author, explains how to unlock the power of our genes to enable a long healthy life. “It’s not the number of years in your life that count, but the amount of life in your years,” Dr. Maroon says. “In this program I’m going to tell you how to put more life – and quality – into your years.” He also asserts “your genes are not your fate!” Dr. Maroon is an internationally-recognized clinical professor of neurosurgery, author of “The Longevity Factor,” team neurosurgeon to the Pittsburgh Steelers, seven time Ironman triathlete, member of the National Fitness Hall of Fame, and senior vice president of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Secrets of Longevity shows how the new science of epigenetics applies to each of us and explores in detail the four pillars that determine our longevity: Nutrition & Supplements; Exercise; Avoiding Environmental Toxins; and Managing Stress. With cutting-edge science and warm personal anecdotes Dr. Maroon provides a road map to the long healthy life that he says “is a gift within your reach.”

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The Longevity Factor: How Resveratrol and Red Wine Activate Genes for a Longer and Healthier Life

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Dr. Joseph Maroon’s newest book, The Longevity Factor: How Resveratrol and Red Wine Activate Genes for a Longer and Healthier Life, was released nationwide in 2009 by publisher Simon and Schuster’s Atria Books. In this book Dr. Maroon has condensed over two years of research and examination of over 1,500 references to provide the most up to date account of how the natural substances found in red wine and the skins of red grapes, resveratrol, can lead to a healthier and longer life.

It is “a groundbreaking examination of new scientific research that holds the secret to a healthier, longer life,” according to publisher Atria Books, a division of Simon & Schuster, Inc.2009

“In The Longevity Factor, noted neuroscientist and surgeon Joseph Maroon, MD, offers the definitive look at recent scientific breakthroughs identifying a group of natural substances—including the much-publicized molecule resveratrol—that can actually activate a specific set of genes in humans that promote a longer, healthier life. These substances, which make red wine, dark chocolate, and green tea good for us, appear to stave off a wide array of age-related diseases and keep us feeling young and vital.

“Resveratrol is the centerpiece of headline-making research being conducted at the Harvard Medical School and elsewhere. Only recently, however, have scientists discovered how to isolate resveratrol and concentrate it into an affordable and safe supplement. Already, more than 200 supplements featuring resveratrol have flooded the market, and there are countless more on the way. But which ones work best? What is a consumer to look for on the label? Since resveratrol is a natural substance, can you get enough of it through diet alone, or should you combine diet with a supplement? And what lies on the horizon from the pharmaceutical industry? All those questions and many more are answered in this immensely informative and practical book.

“Joseph Maroon offers the first-ever inside look at the amazing research that has led to the discovery of resveratrol and similar substances with the miraculous ability to activate our own longevity genes. He also offers his own diet plan and sound, reader-friendly advice for living a longer, healthier, and more balanced life. The Longevity Factor promises to be the authoritative source for everyone who wants to know more about how we can shift from the current paradigm of aging to a disease-free golden age of health, longevity, and fitness.”

Dr. Maroon - Fish Oil Book

Dr. Maroon – Fish Oil Book

Fish Oil: The natural Anti-inflammatory

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Joseph Maroon, MD, and Jeff Bost, PAC, have authored the book, Fish Oil: The Natural Anti-Inflammatory, which was released nationwide in 2006 by Basic Health Publications. In this book, the authors examine the health effectiveness of this natural anti-inflammatory supplement. The book focuses on the many benefits of fish oil supplements that have been scientifically documented in over 900 clinical studies for treating such conditions as arthritis, spine pain, heart and vascular disease, depression and even very promising research on Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Diseases.

The book explains the basic process of inflammation and the factors that cause inflammation to turn into a chronic condition. Chronic inflammation is one of the main causes of physical suffering in our modern society. While acute inflammation is a healthy immune response from the body, chronic inflammation is a different story. As the authors put it: “Although [inflammation] helps the body protect and heal itself, over the long term, inflammation can produce chronic pain, breakdown of cartilage and muscle, and increased blood clotting, and it may cause genetic changes leading to various cancers.  In fact, recent medical research now confirms that the root cause of many chronic diseases, such as arthritis, heart disease, cancer, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, asthma, eczema, and depression, is inflammation.” (page 1) The authors discuss studies which show that omega 3 fatty acids (fish oils being the most reliable source) are very effective in blunting or preventing the inflammatory response.  When the inflammatory response is lessened or eliminated, it can prevent progression into degenerative disease.

This book gives an in-depth explanation of the different types of fatty acids that exist, and how we should try to achieve the proper balance between them. Increasing the amount of fish oil in our diet helps us to gain this balance. Another important subject is the dangers of anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID’s) compared to the safety of fish oils, and the authors discuss the NSAID side effects in relation to the withdrawal of the drug Vioxx in 2004.

The authors provide specific guidelines for fish oil intake, including for specific conditions such as pregnancy. They also discuss certain types of fish oil as a good source of vitamin D, and why the choice of fish oil should depend on the season (more vitamin D rich fish oil in winter months). Lastly, they compare the safety of fresh fish with the benefits of purified omega 3 fish oil.

While this book may be a bit “scientific” for some folks, it is certainly understandable and is packed with very valuable and scientifically backed information. The authors of this book have made a valuable contribution in helping us understand the causes of our ill health, but most importantly, they provide a simple way to get healthier.