PG Article on Dr. Joseph Maroon and the Anti-Aging Consortium

On Jan 04, 2023, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette write Anya Sostek wrote about Dr. Joseph Maroon’s recently formed anti-aging research consortium located at the AVIV Hyperbaric Oxygen Center in Central Florida. In a prior posted below, Dr. Maroon and the esteem members of the New Global Aging Consortium discuss why the consortium was formed and their plans to alter the concepts of aging world-wide. Read the PG article HERE:

Here is the prior post that introduced the New Global Aging Consortium.

Dr. Joseph Maroon Named Founding Member of New Global Aging Consortium

The Global Aging Consortium established by the Aviv Medical Advisory Board includes some of the greatest minds in the global healthy aging space. These researchers have a specific goal – assist others to live longer, healthier and more content lives, achieved through maximizing advanced treatments and trailblazing new pathways to long-term health on a global scale. The Consortium brings together the best and brightest who are producing some of the world’s most advanced research in genetics, epigenetics, epidemiology, immunology, pharmacology, neurology, nutrition and wellness.