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    Dr. Maroon loves to give advice to help people live happy and healthy lives and keeps a regularly updated blog of his findings. 

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    Dr. Maroon has written many articles and books on his areas of expertise. His works are highly regarded among medical experts, health gurus, and consumers alike. 

Early in his career, Dr. Maroon was so caught up in his work as neurosurgeon that he neglected other important parts of his life – including his own health. An accumulation of life events in his early 40s made him re-evaluate his life and his choices. He started to exercise, but soon discovered that exercise alone wasn’t going to do the job of getting him healthy. Dr. Maroon developed a keen interest in nutrition and supplements and also conducted his own research. An Ironmen triathlete, he is personally invested in keeping up with the latest developments – and he is happy to share his knowledge with his patients.





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