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Tips for Migraines

See Dr. Joseph Maroon’s News Interview on Natural Alternatives to Help Migraines

June 30, 2023 – Richmond , VA,., Channel 6 NEWS   Neurosurgeon and Wellness expert, Dr. Joseph Maroon was recently interviewed by the Virginia This Morning News team on Channel 6.  He was asked about migraine headaches and possible natural alternatives to help sufferers. FACTS ON MIGRAINES: In the United States, 39 million people suffer from […]

How to Die Young as Late as Possible, Lecture by Dr. Joseph Maroon

How to Die Young as Late as Possible July 18 10:30 am – 12:00 pm St Timothy’s Catholic Church 1351 Paige Place, Lady Lake, FL   REGISTER HERE About the event Neurosurgeon, eight time Ironman triathlon finisher, author and Villager Joseph Maroon, MD, FACS invites you to learn his tips for “How to Die Young as Late as […]

Prepared Mine

Dr. Joseph Maroon’s Keynote address to the 14th Annual International Hyperbarics Association (IHA) Meeting

June 2023 Hollywood, Florida – Neurosurgeon Dr. Joseph Maroon was the Keynote Speaker at the 14th Annual International Hyperbarics Association (IHA) Meeting. Dr. Maroon reviewed many of the neurological application that are being investigated and gives background information of many of his own experiences with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. (SEE VIDEO OF DR. MAROON’S LECTURE BELOW) […]


Dr. Joseph Maroon Comments on New Research on Stroke Risk

June 2023  Early this month, neurosurgeon and wellness expert, Dr. Joseph Maroon was asked to comment on recently published report on a possible stroke risk from elevated heart rate for those with severe carotid artery blockage. The research entitled, Effect of heart rate on the hemodynamics in healthy and stenosed carotid arteries, appeared in Physics […]

HBOT blood flow scan

Updates on Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment for Brain Health by Dr. Joseph Maroon

June 2023 During the past month, neurosurgeon and concussion expert, Dr. Joseph Maroon was the keynote speaker for the 14th Annual Hyperbaric Oxygen Association and Functional Medicine Conference of the International Hyperbarics Association. Dr. Maroon’s presentation was “Hyperbaric Oxygen – A Renaissance? – Traumatic Brain Injury, Stroke, Aging and Cognition”. He also spoke on “Sports […]

Maroon Brain Lecture Feb 2022

New Blood Test Can Detect Alzheimer’s Changes

June 12, 2023 — Per a News Release from the Department of Neurosurgical Surgery at the University of Pittsburgh,  Pitt researchers have identified a potential biomarker for early screening of Alzheimer’s disease (AD).  This blood test could possibly allow physicians to identify those at significant risk for the disease and potentially offering early therapeutic treatment […]

Apollo Device

Dr. Joseph Maroon Discusses Burnout and Stress During Interview with Apollo Neuroscience

The Apollo wearable device that fits on the wrist like a watch. It is a consumer wellness device intended to help manage stress, challenging life transitions, and to promote a healthy lifestyle. During the weekly Apollo blog post Dr. Maroon discussed the five stages of burnout and recognize and reverse the stress-burnout cycle.   The […]

Probio Image


LIVING WELL – SHOW 8 – GUT HEALTH, IMMUNE FUNCTION, KETOGENICS – Air Date June 24, 2022 In this Living Well Radio Show from 2022 Dr. Joseph Maroon and Jeff Bost PAC discussed the benefits of Probiotics and other Gut related topics. Please listen to this rebroadcast from June 2022.  In addition, below is written […]

Braain Bank Title

University of Pittsburgh along with Dr. Joseph Maroon Announce National Sports Brain Bank

May 18 2023  The University of Pittsburgh announced the creation of the National Sports Brain Bank (NSBB) in order to study the neurological consequences associated with participating in an array of contact sports. UPMC Neurosurgeon, Dr. Joseph Maroon participated at the news conference that announce the establishment of the NSBB and discussed why it is […]