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Dr. Joseph Maroon Lectures on 50 Years of Sports Medicine

May 8 2023 Recently Neurosurgeon and Sports Medicine expert, Dr. Joseph Maroon, was asked to speak to Och Spine neurosurgical staff and residents at Och Spine Center at New York-Presbyterian Columbia and Weill Cornell.  Dr. Maroon was invited to present on his “reflections on 50 years of caring for elite athletes”. It was an update […]

CBD for Pain

The use of Topical CBD in Former Athletes Shows Positive Pain Relief

April 2023  It has been over a decade since I first became interest in the pain and anxiety relief associated with using CBD capsules. I continue to recommend CBD, as both capsules and as a topical lotion for my patients, family and friends, and athletes for improving sleep quality, helping joint pain and a profound […]

New Square One Book Cover 2019

Dr. Maroon Interviewed about On Life Quakes by the Author of The Christ Cure Book

April 2023 Neurosurgeon and wellness expert Dr. Joseph Maroon was recently interviewed by Dr. Tim Murphy about Dr. Maroon’s book, Square One: A Simple Guide to a Balanced Life.  Dr. Murphy is a licensed psychologist specializing in psychological trauma and also former US Congressman.  Murphy’s  latest book is entitled, The Christ Cure. In the podcast […]

Mindfulness Maroon

Dr. Joseph Maroon Interviewed by Podcast WELL+GOOD on Mental Sharpness

April 2023 In a recent Podcast with WELL+GOOD, Dr. Joseph Maroon  discussed his Top Tip for Staying Mentally and Physically Sharp. At 82, Dr. Maroon continues to focus on his physical, cognitive, spiritual and emotion health.  According to the CDC, the prevalence of dementia is approximately 6% to 10% of individuals aged 65 years or […]

Dr. Maroon - Fish Oil Book

Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplements- A Common Sense Approach to Heart Health

March 2023 – Having written two books and lecture extensively on the health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil, I still find more to learn about these complex molecules.  Some of the most recent studies on the use of omega-3s have received widespread media reports because they didn’t “cure” or stop a […]

F&W Winter 2022 a

The Latest Alzheimer’s Advances in Prevention and Treatment

Winter 2022 -2023 In the latest St. Barnabas Faith & Works Magazine article, Dr. Joseph Maroon discussed recent advances in Alzheimer’s treatments including the recent pharmaceutic medications that have been the news. In the article, entitled, The Latest Alzheimer’s Advances in Prevention and Treatment, on page 9, he discusses Aducanumab and Lecanemab. In September 2021, […]

Understanding Hospice Care

Understanding Hospice Care

March 2023 – In upcoming Living Well broadcast on Beaver County WBVP/WMBA Radio, to air March 11th, at 8:30 am, my co-host, Jeff Bost PAC, and I discussed hospice care.  In February, former President Jimmy Carter announced he was entering into hospice care. The 98-year-old expected to spend his remaining time at home surrounded by […]


Dr Joseph Maroon’s CNBC Interview on Daily Practices to Increase Healthspan

Jan 26, 2023 Dr. Joseph Maroon, Neurosurgeon, triathlete and wellness expert was recently interviewed by CNBC News as part of a series on healthy living.  The title of the interview is, 6 Daily Practices this 82 y/o Triathlete and Neurosurgeon used to Lengthen his Healthspan.  Here is a excerpt from the interview: “I tell people […]