Dr. Joseph Maroon Healthy Tips to Start When Young

In a Jan 30, 2024 interview by Business Insider, Neurosurgeon, Wellness Expert and Triathlete, Dr. Joseph Maroon, related his recommends for a healthy lifestyle to start when you are young.  The article, entitled, An 83-year-old neurosurgeon who does triathlons has 3 tips for younger people who want to be as fit and healthy as him.

Here are Dr. Maroon’s recommendations:

Start with a walk

  • “You don’t have to start with a triathlon,” he said. “Just start with a walk.“
  • Experts agree starting slowly is the best way to start a new fitness journey and make sustainable changes.
  • Start with 15 to 20 minutes every day or other day to give your body a chance to adjust and your mind to get used to it
  • There are innumerable ways to do aerobic activity these days, from triathlons to running on a treadmill or using an elliptical, pick an exercise that works for you.

Do resistance training and flexibility exercises

  • As well as aerobic activity, people should also do resistance training and flexibility exercises.
  • I like to do pilates, but also recommended stretching, yoga, or isometric exercises for flexibility, and using bands and weight-lifting for resistance training.
  • Other ways to build muscle for beginners, such as rucking (walking with a backpack), rowing, and lifting weights.

Address the balance in your life

  • Finding a balance between work and family commitments has also been key to improving fitness.
  • Before he started taking care of his health, he was “unaware how I was sacrificing everything for my work. I was one-dimensional,” he said.
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