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Dr Maroon and daughter Bella at Mt Kilimanjaro Summit Feb 26, 22014

Video Interview of Dr Joseph Maroon Inspiring Climb of Mt Kilimanjaro

Dr Joseph Maroon is many things, including world-renowned, health and nutrition expert, concussion expert and triathlete, but as of February 26, 2014 you can add mountain climber.  Now back in Pittsburgh Dr Maroon talks about his fellow climbers and the struggles they overcame just to be there and those encountered during the climb.  See entire […]

Dr Maroon at the Summit of Mt Kilimanjaro Holding WWE Banner

Dr Joseph Maroon Leads WWE Medical Team

Pittsburgh Doctors Head WWE Medical Team, February 19, 2014,  Rick Dayton News Anchor at CBS Affiliate KDKA TV2 in Pittsburgh interviews Dr Maroon and the local physicians who assist World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) to maintain the health and wellness of their world-class athletes.  READ ARTICLE HERE     “They do exciting moves. They do moves where they […]

Dr Maroon sideline

News Coverage of Dr Joseph Maroon’s Successful Climb of Mt Kilimanjaro

Read Pittsburgh Steelers Blog – Ain’t no mountain high enough for Steelers doc, Posted Feb 27, 2014, by Teresa Varley at Steelers.com “This is a very, very difficult mountain to climb, actually. I was with three individuals with no legs, one individual with both legs amputated and an arm, and another with no arms – a 19-year-old young […]


Update from Mt. Kilimanjaro Day 4

Update from Mount Kilimanjaro. Dr. Joseph Maroon and Live-Free Freedom Tour of 10 amputees are making progress as they attempt to climb Mount Kilimanjaro the highest peak in Africa. The group is currently at 12,500 feet and the going has just got a little slower due to the altitude the increasing rocky terrain. Dr. Maroon […]

Good Food

Dr Joseph Maroon contributes to FOX News on Foods doctors won’t eat

Dr Joseph Maroon along with several other prominent experts in nutrition discuss common foods that should be avoided in an online FOX News report.  Click Here – to read the entire article written by Lauren Gordon, Published December 24, 2013 in The Daily Meal.  In addition the article has recommendations on good foods to eat for better […]

Football Brain

Dr Joseph Maroon to Lecture in NY on Concussion and Brain Function on March 21, 2014

On Monday March 21, 2014, Dr Joseph Maroon will lecture at the first annual  seminar presented by the PATH Foundation located in New York City that will focus on how the human brain functions to reward.  The seminar will feature a Nobel Prize winning neuroscientist, celebrity Suzanne Somers and the former Governor of New York […]

I wear my climbing boots everywhere to get ready for the climb

Training to Conquer Mount Kilimanjaro

Two month ago Rajesh Durbal, the first triple amputee to complete the Hawaiian Ironman Triathlon asked me to be the “team doctor” for the first ever “Guts to Glory Expedition” to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro—the highest free standing mountain in the world.  Rajesh assembled 10 disabled amputee athletes to perform this first ever climb by such […]