Dr Joseph Maroon and Amputee Climbers reach Mt Kilimanjaro Summit

Mt Kilimanjaro SummitAt 3:27 pm Tanzania time Dr Maroon and the Live Free – Freedom Tour reached the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro the highest mountain in Africa.

I feel like I am in top of the world, I can’t believe we are here,

stated Dr Maroon somewhat breathless but feeling good.

The group has done so well despite the disabilities, we are about a day ahead of schedule,

said Dr Maroon.

I’m not sure how the guys with blades for legs were able to climb over all the boulders but they did it,

marveled Dr Maroon. He related the spectacular view as he stood on the roof of Africa.

I can see Kenya and Tanzania both at the same time. It is so beautiful from up here.

Dr Maroon noted that no one developed altitude sickness and other than being extremely tried and fatigued the group was in good health.

Dr Maroon again thanked everyone one for their support, well wishes and prayers. The group will start their descent immediately with climb down lasting about 3 days. As Dr Maroon was ending the call he wished we all could see this same view but did promise to send photos as soon as possible.