News Coverage of Dr Joseph Maroon’s Successful Climb of Mt Kilimanjaro

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“This is a very, very difficult mountain to climb, actually. I was with three individuals with no legs, one individual with both legs amputated and an arm, and another with no arms – a 19-year-old young man who was born with no arms,” said Maroon. “To see these individuals climb over steep rocks and terribly difficult trails, to reach this summit – the highest mountain in the world outside of the Himalayas and the tallest (free-standing) mountain in Africa, was one of the most inspiring things I’ve seen.” 


Local Doctor Climbs Mt. Kilimanjaro For Worthy Cause By: Andrew Limberg, Feb 26, 2014 Read article on Dr Joseph Maroon of his interview on KDKA radio as he is standing on the peak of Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania in Africa.