Update from Mt. Kilimanjaro Day 4

Update from Mount Kilimanjaro. Dr. Joseph Maroon and Live-Free Freedom Tour of 10 amputees are making progress as they attempt to climb Mount Kilimanjaro the highest peak in Africa. The group is currently at 12,500 feet and the going has just got a little slower due to the altitude the increasing rocky terrain. Dr. Maroon states, “I am in awe of the stamina, strength and determination of the 10 amputees making this trek. This is really getting pretty difficult as we get closer to the summit.

At 12,500 altitude has certainly become an issue and is slowing them down considerably. As the guides remind them slow and steady is the only way to get to the top. At this point they are above the clouds and he is able to look out and see Kenya in the distance.”I feel like I’m heading to the top of the world.”States Dr. Maroon somewhat shorter of breath but still feeling good as they make the slow ascent to the top. He is amazed by the native Africans who are companying them on the trip. They are caring 30 to 40 pounds on their heads including the food and the gear to set up the camp they stay at every night. “These guys are really amazing we couldn’t do it without them”, Notes Dr. Maroon. Two of the climbers in the group are are missing both legs but still are determined to continue the climb and keeping up with the group. The plan is to make base camp this coming Thursday and to make the final assent to the peak later on Thursday night as sunset falls over the Africa.

Dr. Maroon would like to thank all his well-wishers and let everyone know they are safe and he hopes to communicate later on this week before they take the final climb.