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Maroon and Hoge Sept 8 2014 Smaller

Concussion Awareness Dr Joseph Maroon Interviewed

Concussion Awareness Remains at All-Time High, UPMC’s Maroon Helped Develop ImPACT Test -This article by Dorsey Kindler appeared, September 28, 2014 in the The Intelligencer / Wheeling News-Register Online news website.  As an expert on concussion Dr Maroon is frequency asked about the current state of concussion management and what measures can be done to lessen their […]

Fish Toxic

What Consumer Reports Says About Fish

I have written and lectured extensively on the benefits of omega-3 fish oil for human health.  Last month in Consumer Reports, an independent, member supported magazine that reviews consumer products, reported on the fish and its health benefits.  Specifically they noted a recent FDA report that encouraged pregnant women and children to eat more fish.  Per […]

Bubby New

Cleveland Article Dr Joseph Maroon Discusses Concussion reporter Stephanie Kuzydym recently interviewed Dr Maroon along with 13 leaders in the field of concussion that appeared her July 16, 2014 article entitled, Concussion game changers: 14 people from Cleveland to Pittsburgh who have advanced football-related brain issues. Read entire article HERE. “I told him the concussion guidelines say (Brister) needed to stay out a […]

Fit Maroon in Lab coat

The Evolution of Life and Career

In the Summer 2014 CNS publication Congress Quarterly, Dr Joseph Maroon writes about how his diverse interests in epigenetics, nutrition, physical exercise, concussion and managing chronic stress has influenced both his career as a neurosurgeon and how he approaches life.  Read the entire article HERE starting on page 16. I also have reconfirmed that being […]

Good Food

Why we Can’t Stop Eating

One of the most profound scientific reports came out this month that sheds light on why food addiction is so hard to overcome and the serious consequences for our health as a society.  This article from JAMA, Increasing Adiposity Consequence or Cause of Overeating? by David Ludwig, PhD., discusses research on how fat cells, called adipocytes, are formed […]

White House

White House Conference on Concussion

Concussion is no longer considered a “ding” to the head.  With today’s concussion conference at the White House preventing, recognizing and treating concussion takes on more importance as a national public health issue. Concussion is defined as a complex pathophysiological process affecting the brain caused by traumatic biomechanical forces. Sport- and recreation-related concussions are conservatively […]