Dr Maroon Discusses Late-life Renewal

Ironman Dr MaroonMonday, June 27, 2016 – Tribune Review  As part of an ongoing series, Dr Joseph Maroon’s most recent article to appear in the Tribune Review is entitled, “Late-life renewal can reward those who do ‘right thing’ at the right time“. This very personal discussion provides insight on how important it is to continue to strive for self-improvement no matter how old you are.  In his discussion of “renewal” he describes the importance of health “preserving” decisions that are too often ignored in youth and regretted in old age.  Dr. Maroon defines the concept of a life”renewal” and as being never too old to experience growth and improvement at any age.

I too, starting in my 60s, have had a similar renewal. Rather than the inexorable degradation with aging, implicit in the car and tree analogies, I have experienced a period of renewed vitality, even though I am, at times, painfully conscious of my own aging and ongoing entropy.

Even in this short article Dr Maroon takes the reader though several important steps and provides tools that you can use to achieve your goals to remain engaged and healthy.  Read the article in its entirety HERE.