PG Article on Dr Maroon using HBOT for Improved Endurance

Pittsburgh Post Gazette – June 12, 2022  In a recent article in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, entitled, Age 82, Joseph Maroon credits oxygen therapy for his triathlon success, Longtime Steelers neurosurgeon tries hyperbaric oxygen treatment. Local neurosurgeon and triathlete, Dr. Joseph Maroon describes his recent personal experience with hyperbaric oxygen and the surprising benefits he experienced after participating in a triathlon.

“After the oxygen therapy, he dropped his time in the triathlon by 23 minutes, completing a sprint length triathlon in less than two hours last month at the National Senior Games in Key Biscayne, Fla.

I was able to increase my endurance by 9.5 to 10%, objectively measured,” said Dr. Maroon, 82, who did tests of cardiovascular functioning before and after the treatments. “I think it did help.” Dr. Maroon said that he could feel a difference from the oxygen on his recovery after workouts. He did a test before and after doing the oxygen therapy where he ran on a treadmill to exhaustion, and was able to increase his endurance by about 10 percent.

About Aviv Medical

Dr. Maroon spent last summer in Florida at the Aviv HBOT Center.  He underwent 60 HBOT treatments over a three-month period. The Aviv Medical Program provides a unique Program which combines Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), cognitive and physical training and nutritional coaching designed to maximize cognition, vitality and quality of life. They have a multidisciplinary team of healthcare specialists that uses in-depth assessments and analytics before and after the HBOT treatment period to create a  personalized approach.