Power of Polyphenols

Polyphenols Dr MaroonPhenomenal Polyphenols

These antioxidant compounds are a proven powerhouse of anti-aging benefits. Learn why supplements—especially resveratrol and green tea—should be included in your diet.

Only 300 years ago did we learn that fruits and vegetables are not only good food sources that satisfy our hunger, but they also contain specialized molecules known as nutrients that are essential for human life and disease prevention. Recent discoveries of the many thousands of different types of nutrients in edible plants has revealed that the various molecular 3-D shapes of these nutrients are key to how human cells benefit us when we consume them.

One of the most researched of these nutrients is polyphenols. The term polyphenol refers to its uniquely shaped six-sided carbon ring molecule known as a phenol. Several hundred variations of these rings, attached at different locations and with various branches, constitute the polyphenols that provide human health benefits. The unique structure of polyphenols is often described as having a “lock-and-key” ability to bind to specific sites on human cells to activate enzymes and genes that prevent diseases and allow human cells to function better.

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