Learn More About the Benefits of Fish Oil

Dr Maroon Fish oil Book

Dr Maroon Fish oil Book

Omega-3 Fish Oil

Shortly after I published my book Fish Oil: The Natural Anti-Inflammatory and began speaking on omega-3 fish oil and its many health benefits, I found that consumers and practitioners that read the book had additional questions that were either not completely addressed or not covered in the book. Additionally, many of the questions about fish oil had to do with conflicting “facts” that they had heard in the media, from other practitioners, fish oil suppliers, or in health food stores.

Unfortunately, many of these “facts” are myths based on marketing hype, misinformation, and gossip. This is why I decided to write this fact sheet as a reliable quick reference source of information on omega fatty acids.  Additional, references are available  in my book – Fish Oil: The Natural Anti-Inflammatory.

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