Tips to Age Healthier

Aging MaroonBetter Aging From Head To Toe

We may not be able to stop the hands of time, but these dietary and lifestyle interventions sure can slow them down.

The aging process can sometimes feel like an unstoppable train speeding directly toward you. Perhaps you look at your parents or grandparents and imagine that this will be you sooner or later. Creaky joints and bones, wrinkled skin, becoming forgetful, and having your doctor on speed dial are inevitable parts of aging, right? Wrong!

Aging is very personal; even close relatives age differently. Aging is the net result of a host of factors that have the potential to affect both our overall health and the development of age-related diseases. Our own individual exposure to injuries and environmental toxins, as well as the foods and supplements we consume, and the amount of physical activity and stress in our lives can often outweigh any direct influences associated with our inherited genes.

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