Importance of Patient Testimonials

Often times when we need help with a medical problem, and before we see a doctor, we ask a trusted friend or family member, “who should I see”.  Many times however that person will say that someone they know saw this doctor and they did well.  Or perhaps they might have had a similar problem and told you what they did.  This is the idea behind the “Patient Story” section of my website. This is a section where patients can tell their story about how they did following either spine or brain surgery in terms that most people can related to.  We know patients can have a variety of results after surgery but fortunately most do experience similar results as reported here.  Here is a sample of some recent patient testimonials.  It you want to see more go to  “Patient Story” section of my website.

Patient Story on Lumbar Laminectomy and Fusion without Screws or Rods

James Marks pic

Patient Story on Cervical Fusion without Plates

Kimberly Ebbert pic

  Patient Story following Lumbar Microdiscectomy

 CW Pic