Eating Fish Slows Brain Aging

Fish Bottle1Eating fish can have significant benefits for our brains especially as we age.  This was the finding of a recent study by researchers at the University of North Carolina and Duke University Medical Center published this month.  The study involves over 1,500 older subjects for slightly longer than 5 years and found that those over 65 yrs old that ate fish at least once per week reduced their rate of cognitive decline by about 1 ½ years. The authors attributed this benefit to the larger amounts of omega-3 (EPA and DHA) found in fish compared to other food sources.  They reported that the brain benefits of omega-3 were accomplished by reducing inflammation and oxidative stress which worsens with age.

Many neurodegenerative diseases and aging itself will cause excessive brain inflammation and release of free radicals.  Omega-3’s benefits from fish as well as from omega-3 (fish oil) supplements are well documented in other organs as well, especially the heart and vascular system.  One problem with fish and other sea food consumption is that lead and other toxins found in water are concentrated in fish tissues and too much fish can lead to excessive amounts of these same toxins in people.  Omega-3 supplements are a pure source of this important supplement and can be taken in higher amounts than typically found in fish. 

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Reference: J. Nutr. doi: 10.3945/jn.114.193854  Read Article