James Marks

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James Marks

Age: 76
Surgery: Multi-level lumbar Laminectomy and Facet Fusion without Screws or Rods
Date: May 19, 2014

  • Had needed a walker but post-op not requiring any assistance to walk
  • Very happy with surgery would do again it had to
  • “surgery was excellent, was only in hospital for one night”

James Marks picMr Marks experience with his lumbar laminectomy and TruFuse (TM) facet fusion has improved his back and leg pain and he is now able to walk without the use of a walker he was using prior to surgery.  Patients however can have a variety of results after surgery but fortunately many experience similar results as reported here. To learn more about Dr Joseph Maroon and how minimally invasive back surgery may also benefit you please go to HERE

Dr Maroon’s patient featured in the video has agreed in writing to provide his testimonial to help educated others. Individual results may vary.