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Dr Joseph Maroon Interviewed on Anti-aging Tips

Nov 5, 2019  In a wide ranging interview with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine A4M entitled, ANTI-AGING TIPS – ADOPTING A YOUTH PRESERVING LIFESTYLE, Dr Joseph Maroon reveals many of his best tips to stay young as long as possible.  Dr. Maroon, among his many accomplishments as a neurosurgeon, best selling author, keynote speaker, sports medicine expert, triathlete, he is also the […]

Hemp plant

Hear Dr Maroon’s Latest Podcast on CBD Benefits

October 31, 2019  Dr Joseph Maroon was recently interviewed by Matt Baum, host of the podcast entitled, Ministry of Hemp.  The podcast is entitled, The Anti-Aging Properties Of CBD. Dr Maroon discusses the topics of neurological and anti-aging benefits of CBD from his review article.  To hear part of the podcast click below To read the […]

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Revisiting Ketogenic Diet for Glioblastoma Brain Tumors

In 2013 and 2015, Neurosurgeon Dr Joseph Maroon collaborated with scientist Thomas N. Seyfried, PhD, at Boston College, on the potential benefits of the ketogenic diet as a adjunctive treatment for cancer.  In their recent article published in 2019 in Neurochemical Research, entitled,  Provocative Question: Should Ketogenic Metabolic Therapy Become the Standard of Care for Glioblastoma?, they review why new […]

Dr Joseph Maroon Discusses the Power of Prayer with his Patients

November 16, 2018 – In the weekly blog post, Forward,  blogger Peggy Sarlin interviews neurosurgeon Dr Joseph Maroon on the stress and anxiety associated with patients undergoing surgery. Dr Maroon discusses his faith and the benefits he has found for the patient, their family and himself when prayer is offered prior to surgery. If a […]

Dr Joseph Maroon Completes Rim to Rim Hike Through Grand Canyon

As part of the retirement celebration for renowned Arizona neurosurgeon  Dr Robert Spetzler, Dr Maroon and his daughter Isabella hiked the 24 mile ‘Rim to Rim” trail through the Grand Canyon.  As described by the National Parks Service: On this epic Grand Canyon hike, you’ll leave from the North Kaibab Trail on the North Rim, challenging […]


Update from Mt. Kilimanjaro Day 4

Update from Mount Kilimanjaro. Dr. Joseph Maroon and Live-Free Freedom Tour of 10 amputees are making progress as they attempt to climb Mount Kilimanjaro the highest peak in Africa. The group is currently at 12,500 feet and the going has just got a little slower due to the altitude the increasing rocky terrain. Dr. Maroon […]