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COVID-19 and Changing Sleep Patterns

May 11, 2020  Obtaining a good night’s sleep is vital daily routine that many people just don’t do.  Whether it is due to work, child care, a noisy environment, or something else, unfortunately few Americans make sleep a priority. Additionally, even if people try to sleep more, according to a report from the CDC, about 30% of adults in America still […]

Dr Maroon’s Recent Interview on Immunoexcitotoxicity – Why Brain Trauma May Cause Chronic Inflammation

March 2020 Dr Joseph Maroon was recently interview by James Lyons-Weiler who hosts a podcast called Unbreaking Science.  Dr Maroon has researched and written extensively on the topic of inflammation and concussion. In his seminal article with Dr Russell Blaylock, entitled, Immunoexcitotoxicity as a central mechanism in chronic traumatic encephalopathy-A unifying hypothesis, they discuss the possible genesis […]

Can Dementia Risk Be Reversed or Prevented?

By Joseph Maroon, MC, FACS March 2020   Multiple surveys have shown there is nothing more frightening for most people as they age than developing dementia, or more specifically, Alzheimer’s disease. The fact is newly diagnosed dementia is becoming more common because the greatest risk of dementia is living longer. In 2017, US population census reports […]

Maroon Univ of Pitt Johnstown April 2020

Burnout to Wellness Lecture by Dr Maroon at University of Pittsburgh Johnstown

On April 1, 2020, the University of Pittsburgh Johnstown is hosting a daylong conference entitled, Creativity in Medical Humanities. at their Pasquerilla Performing Arts Center.  This conference is free and open to the public.  This year they have asked Dr Joseph Maroon to be the Keynote Speaker for the event. For more information Contact Dr. Susan […]

Fit Maroon in Ironman shirt

Healthy Aging Tips by Dr Joseph Maroon

January 28, 2020  News Health Online Magazine recently interviewed Dr Joseph Maroon on his tips for healthy aging.  In the article entitled, The Secrets to Healthy Aging, Dr Maroon relates many examples that he has practiced himself over the last 40 years to reduce and counter unhealthy aging.  Here is a quote from Dr. Maroon. “Even […]

Dr Joseph Maroon Discusses Wearable Technology That Regulates Mood

In a recent interview by KDKA Pittsburgh TV News, Dr Joseph Maroon was asked about the new technology of wearable devices to influence your health.   The Apple Watch is an example of a monitoring technology that can monitor heart rate and is even been reported to detect certain cardiac arrhythmias or abnormal beats.  In his […]

Dr Maroon Interview on CBD Jan 2020

Dr Maroon Discusses CBD in Better Nutrition Magazine

Better Nutrition Magazine January 2020 Issue – Dr Joseph Maroon was recently interviewed by Better Nutrition Magazine on the topic of hemp-derived CBD (Cannabidiol). The Magazine interviewed  Dr Joseph Maroon and a pharmacist about the facts and fiction surrounding CBD as a dietary supplement. In the article they cite many of the findings reported in his 2018 article […]