Dr Joseph Maroon lectures in China and Cleveland in Same Week

DE9FA1A9-6DB7-4C38-BDA6-9561BE451197September 25, 2018.   Within seven days Dr. Maroon has lectured in both China and at Cleveland Clinic on very diverse topics.   On September 14 he lectured on stem cells and their applications for traumatic brain injury including the possiblity for concussion.  Seven days later on September 21 Dr. Maroon lectured at Cleveland Clinic hospital on the topics of both spine surgery advances and crisis of burnout in physicians  and other healthcare professionals.

While in China, the speaking panel included Nobel laureate Dr. Aaron Ciechanover  (see photo with Dr Maroon) who was also spoke on stem cells for human health benefits.  The meeting was held at the  Shekou Hospital in Shenzhen China.


Although still in the experimental phase for head injury stem cells appear to have a potential to promote healing and new cell growth  when in contact with damaged tissue.

At Cleveland Clinic Dr. Maroon spoke about various applications  and surgical techniques he had introduced over the years for both cervical spine trauma and concussion management in athletes.  Highlights included discussions on preventing spinal cord injury as well as the development of neuropsychological test including ImPACT.  In addition to the Spine and head injury lecture Dr. Maroon gave a lunchtime lecture on the issue of burnout in healthcare professionals and especially neurosurgeons who appeared to have a significantly high burnout rate. All the lectures were well  received.

Dr. Maroon has several upcoming lectures including those to the Departments of orthopedic surgery as well as ophthalmology at the University of Pittsburgh.