Slowing Cellular Aging – With Resveratrol

Nutrition ExpertHow To Slow Cellular Aging

Resveratrol appears to be the strongest natural longevity gene-activating substance tested to date.

Read Dr. Maroon’s article on longevity and resveratrol.  Much of this information can be found in his book The Longevity Factor. Read Article Here

For the last six years, researchers worldwide have continued to advance studies on the benefits of resveratrol supplements for humans. In fact, this shift from animal to human research has resulted in a 100% increase in the number of articles published on resveratrol. Since 1990, there have now been nearly 4,000 published articles on resveratrol use in animals, cells or humans. There is little doubt that many more studies investigating resveratrol will be published for years to come. Many of the human resveratrol studies that started after the excitement of Sinclair and Lagouge’s findings are still ongoing. But over the last couple of years, several important new human resveratrol studies have been reported.