Dr. Maroon and Merril Hoge Lecture at PA Athletic Directors 2022 Meeting

Dr. Joseph C. Maroon, MD and retired NFL player, Merril Hoge,  were keynote speakers at the annual meeting of the Pennsylvania State Athletic Directors Association in Hershey, PA on March 17, 2022. Both spoke on the subject: “Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy-Past, Present and Future.”

Dr. Maroon spoke from the perspective of a long time Steeler NFL neurosurgeon and physician, and
former Steelers and Chicago Bears running back, Merril Hoge spoke on his experiences as an 8-year NFL
veteran. Over 300 attendees from all over the state were present.

Discussed was the cause, incidence, and major differences of opinion in diagnosis and classification of CTE. Also clarified was the purported influence of youth football participation and the alleged increased incidence of late age onset of dementia. Both speakers emphasized the character-building aspects of sports and the emphasis at all levels on maximizing safety and prevention of injuries.

What is the PSADA?

The Pennsylvania State Athletic Directors Association (PSADA) is a professional organization that is administered by and for secondary school athletic administrators for the purpose of promoting and enhancing the professional growth and image of our profession.

PSADA has grown and evolved to be one of the preeminent state associations of athletic administration in the nation. Claiming the largest membership of over 800 athletic directors, PSADA continues to grow.

PSADA has been identified by the PA Department of Education as a state approved provider of professional development for the position of athletic director. PSADA is proud of the educational opportunities that it provides for its members.

Through its strategic affiliations with the PA School Boards Association, the PA Association of School Administrators, the PA Association of Secondary School Principals and the PA Interscholastic Athletic Association, PSADA has earned statewide recognition and respect. Because of this professional status, PSADA is recognized as a major contributor to interscholastic athletics and programs that enhance the development of student-athletes across the Commonwealth.