Secrets to Understanding Weight Gain and Loss

Spring 2022 – In the latest issue of Pittsburgh 55+ Magazine, Dr. Joseph Maroon discusses the “Ups and Downs” of weight loss in the article, Secrets to Understanding Weight Gain and Loss. In the Article, Dr. Maroon addresses the insidious changes made by food companies over the last 40 years to add more and more sugar to our diets and removal of fats, including “healthy” fats.

Carbohydrates are the primary stimulant to drive insulin higher and then reduce blood sugar levels, not fats or protein.  In the 1980’s, the public became convinced by advertisers and the food industry that fats were the cause of the obesity epidemic, and our food supply was infused with more sugar instead of fat.   This did not slow the obesity epidemic one bit and in fact has literally added fuel to the fire.  Carbohydrates (sugars) are the one thing that has consistently been shown to contribute to food addiction.

In the article, Dr. Maroon also the discusses the reason why severe calorie restriction diets to loss weight dont work and lead to the “yo-yo” effect that many people experience.

Fat cells, called adipocytes, are formed in our body to save calories for times when we later need them.  Research now shows that when more and more of these fat cells start to get deposited in our bodies, they begin to act like a sponge that becomes very efficient at removing calorie producing molecules, like sugars from our diet, to be stored as fat.  This essentially starves our bodies other organs in our body of calories and causes extreme hunger and increase appetite.  The cycle worsens as more and more fat cells are formed and more and more calories are pulled into storage.  This is the major reason why most calorie restrictive diets don’t work.

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