Dr. Joseph Maroon Named Founding Member of New Global Aging Consortium

Nov/Dec 2022 –  Aviv Clinics, one of the most advanced brain research and medical clinics in the world, has named Dr. Joseph Maroon, along with Drs. Michael Roizen, Nir Barzilai, and Eric Verdin as founding members of a new Global Aging Consortium.  The Consortium aims to bringing together world’s leading researchers on aging to forge new paths designed to redefine what healthy aging really is. In the Aviv Clinic

(The image – Left – Is at Aviv Headquarters in Florida and is the same location that
Dr. Maroon underwent 60 HBOT  (Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments) in 2021. Read related Story HERE)

Press Release they noted:

The Consortiums goal is to help people live longer, healthier, happier and more productive lives by focusing on disease prevention and maximizing pathways to health. “Age-related cognitive and functional decline is the number one threat to Western society,” said Dr. Shai Efrati from Aviv Clinics. “We’re not simply focused on longevity; we want to slow down the aging process to fundamentally change how people age, as well as promoting lifestyle changes that are the most influential in impacting healthy aging.” “This effort is part of a wave of researchers who are working together to target healthspan and aging to prevent diseases and not just treat them when they appear,” said Dr. Nir Barzilai. “Aging can be modulated, and even prevented.”

Dr. Joseph Maroon is proof of how this new science of aging can make a difference. As a neurosurgeon, he not only studies the effect of hyperbaric oxygen therapy on cognition, performance, proteomics and telomere length, he utilizes the treatment to improve his own physical and cognitive performance. Dr. Maroon strives to improved his mental acuity, and as a competitive triathlete, he continues to win his age group in triathlons, placing first in the Chicago triathlon and second in the Senior Olympics this year.

“I know how achievable this is because I’ve lived it,” said Dr. Maroon. “I’m healthier, more content, and remain very productive in my 80’s as I was in my 50’s. As a group, and by example, we can accelerate the adoption of what we know works and make it available and accessible to everyone.”

About Aviv Clinics
Aviv Clinics is the leader in the research and treatment of age-related cognitive and functional decline and novel applications of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) to maximize human performance. Based on an exclusive partnership with the world’s largest hyperbaric medicine and research facility, the Sagol Center at Shamir Medical Center in Israel, Aviv is introducing a global network of clinics delivering the most effective evidence-based treatment of the aging process – the Aviv Medical Program. The three-month regimen designed to improve the aging process in healthy adults was developed based on over a decade of research and more than 1,000 patients treated worldwide under the scientific leadership of Shai Efrati, M.D., Chair of Aviv Scientific’s Medical Advisory Board and Director of the Sagol Center.