New Video by Dr. Joseph Maroon Describes His Experience with Hyperbaric Oxygen

May 2022 Dr. Joseph Maroon recently sat down with a video crew from Aviv Medical to discuss his three month experience of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT).  Dr. Maroon describes how he began to use HBOT to treat patients with refractory symptoms of concussion and the improvements he witnessed.  He also relates scientific advancements for using HBOT to help improve brain function and potentially slow brain aging.  The video explains Dr. Maroon’s personal journey to Aviv Medical HBOT located in central Florida and the unexpected athletic performance benefits he experienced while undergoing HBOT.

About Aviv Medical

The Aviv Medical Program provides a unique Program which combines Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), cognitive and physical training and nutritional coaching designed to maximize cognition, vitality and quality of life. They have a multidisciplinary team of healthcare specialists that uses in-depth assessments and analytics before and after the HBOT treatment period to create a  personalized approach.

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