Dr. Joseph Maroon Lectures at Major Neurosurgical Spine Surgery Conference in NY

Dec 2022 – Dr. Joseph Maroon was the Honored Guest Lecturer at the 16th Annual New York City Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Course for international participants.  The course focused on the latest technology in endoscopy, robotics, 3-D navigation and augmented reality.  Dr. Maroon presented two keynote lectures: Notable Cases in Sports and Spine over Four Decades in the NFL and How to Die Young… as Late as Possible!  The attendees represented over 16 different countries and the United States and was a three-day symposium. This unique course provides a comprehensive overview of new and less invasive techniques with and without stereotactic navigation for the neurosurgical operative treatment of spinal disorders. Proponents and critics of MIS surgery will discuss the pros and cons of MIS approaches, establishing the skills essential in selecting appropriate patients for MIS surgery.

Dr. Maroon’s former Neurosurgery Fellow and friend, Dr. Roger Härtl, M.D.,  is the co-director of the conference.  Dr. Härtl is the Hansen-MacDonald Professor of Neurological Surgery. He is the  Spinal Surgery Director at the Weill Cornell Medicine Brain and Spine Center in New York, as well as the co-director of New York-Presbyterian Och Spine. He is also the founder and director of the Weill Cornell Medicine Center for Comprehensive Spine Care as well as Weill Cornell Medicine’s Global Neurosurgery Initiative in Tanzania (for which he was named AANS Humanitarian of the Year for 2022).

Dr. Härtl also serves as the official neurosurgeon for the New York Giants Football Team.  Dr. Maroon along with Dr. Härtl, over many years, have worked with the NFL to improve prevention and management of sports related head and spine injuries.  Dr. Maroon lectured on his over 40 years of experience in sports medicine including the history and current state-of-art for spine and head injury testing, such as the ImPACT test Dr. Maroon co-developed.