The Surprising Power of Fish Oil

Maroon Fish Oil Article Spring 2017In an article that was recently published in the Spring 2017 Giant Eagles Healthy Advantage Newsletter, Dr Joseph Maroon discusses the many health benefits related to omega-3 fish oil.

 Fish oil has tremendous health benefits that have been studied and reported in thousands of scientific articles.  The omega-3 found in fish oil is reported to benefit almost every organ in the body including the heart, brain, joints, skin and eyes.  I personally use fish oil and recommend it to my patients for joint and spine pain.

The omega-3 molecules are a critical structural component of every cell in our body.  They are used as building blocks and are only found in the food we eat or the dietary supplements we take.  If you are not consuming enough omega-3 in your diet your body won’t function effectively.  This is especially important for the brain where over 40% of brain cells are made of omega-3 molecules.  It is critical for every human cell to obtain enough omega-3 from your diet.

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