Study Shows HBOT Helps Kids with Post-Concussion Syndrome

Sept 2022 A recent article published in Scientific Reports entitled, Hyperbaric oxygen therapy in children with post‑concussion syndrome (PCS) improves cognitive and behavioral function: a randomized controlled trial, by Amir Hadanny, MD, and others, demonstrated the benefits of HBOT in children with symptoms of concussion up to 10 years after they first suffered a concussion. Dr. Hadanny is associated with AVIV HBOT Clinic in Florida, the same location Dr. Joseph Maroon spend time last summer undergoing 3 months of HBOT.

Click to Download the Article – HBO In Children 2022,

Dr. Maroon was recently asked to describe the benefits of HBOT for a youth in Nashville, TN who had suffered a concussion and subsequent PCS.  The interview was aired by Nashville NBC TV News Channel4 WSMV.  See Interview HERE

Common questions about HBOT:

What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)?
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy involves breathing 100% pure oxygen in a special room known as a HBOT suite. The air in the suite is pressurized to above atmospheric levels, which increases oxygen levels in the body to 10-15 times higher than normal.

What makes Aviv’s HBOT protocol unique?
There are two key processes:

First, increase the oxygen level you breathe through a mask in the HBOT suite. As you breathe it in, your bloodstream sends this oxygen to tissue in your body that has been deprived of it. Oxygen-saturated blood can bypass blood vessels which have become clogged or narrowed with age and increase oxygen to organs like the brain. Second, AVIV uses fluctuates of the level of oxygen you breathe when inside the HBOT suite. This variation in oxygen supply triggers your body’s own regenerative mechanisms.