NASCAR Makes ImPACT Concussion Testing Mandatory

impactlogo-2NASCAR to mandate baseline concussion testing in ’14

NASCAR will mandate baseline concussion testing starting next season, the sanctioning body announced Thursday. The baseline test (ImPACT™)will be required prior to the start of the season in order to measure it against another result in case a driver is involved in a crash. The comparison will be one of several factors that doctors use to diagnose and treat concussions.

ImPACT Applications, Inc., is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and was co-founded by Mark Lovell, Ph.D., Joseph Maroon, M.D., and Michael (Micky) Collins, Ph.D. in 2002. The science behind ImPACT was developed in response to requests for neurocognitive testing from the NFL to help determine safe return to play. The ImPACT Concussion Management Model was first put into use in 1997. Today, ImPACT is constantly updating products, services and its training programs by integrating new technologies, input from experts and users, and ongoing research on concussion rehabilitation methods.