Dr. Joseph Maroon Lectures to IU Medical School on Balance

Aug 9, 2023 Healthcare practitioners in the US and around the world continue to experienced unprecedented stress, even before the onslaught of COVID, that has resulted in severe burnout and a significant decline in the number of people willing to train in the healthcare professions.  Neurosurgeon and wellness expert Dr. Joseph Maroon was recently asked by his alma mater, Indiana University Medical School, to lecture on the dangers of professional burnout and how to regain balance in one’s profession and private life.

Dr. Maroon discussed the fact that healthcare professional are often overworked, overwhelmed, over committed, over anxious, and over extended. More and more Americans report these symptoms of burnout. It affects both male and female of any age and all professions. In a recent Gallup Poll, 40% of American workers were so stressed they felt no borders between work and life outside of their job. Essentially, many of us live to work! A lack of balance can have both physical and mental health consequences. Career burnout is often associated with symptoms of depression, anxiety, sleep problems, substance abuse and even suicidal ideation. It is also a commonly cited cause for heart disease, overeating, obesity and even diabetes.

Whether one has work-related or lifestyle-related stress, or both, distress arises, in part, from a lack of work/life balance or homeostasis. The aim of this lecture is to provide the most efficient tools to recognize the mental and physical signs of stress and to provide proven methods to manage and to reduce it. As part of the lecture, strategies will be provided to increase overall health, wellness and even longevity. It is open to all and will provide the most current information to assist anyone suffering from excessive stress and an unbalanced life.

The Square to Rebalance your Life

Dr. Maroon related that after becoming a world-class neurosurgeon, he felt he’d achieved success. But at the age of forty-one, a rapid series of losses and setbacks led him into a baffling new reality—and straight into the darkness of depression. Maroon’s unexpected savior was a slim, leather-bound book titled I Dare You, which taught him how to address four key areas vital to rebalancing his life: good health, a sense of spirituality, meaningful work, and strong relationships.

In his latest book, Square One, a Simple Guide to a Balance your Life, Dr. Maroon combines deeply personal anecdotes with illuminating scientific explanations to help readers rebalance their priorities. With keen insights into what it takes to avoid emotional, spiritual, and physical burnout and to seek more joy and creativity in life, Maroon guides readers back to “square one” so they can lead more balanced lives and achieve success.