Dr Maroon Lectures at Sports Conference on Restoring Balance

At the December 2019 Sports Biometrics Conference in San Francisco, Dr Joseph Maroon presented a lecture on – Restoring Homeostasis. Dr Maroon shared insights to enhance balance for optimal sports performance and recovery. Dr. Joe Maroon MD, FACS is the Clinical Professor and Vice Chairman of Neurological Surgery and Heindl Scholar in Neuroscience at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, the neurosurgeon for the Pittsburgh Steelers since 1980, and has completed 10 IRONMAN Triathlons since turning 50 after overcoming his own battle with burnout.

His lecture was sponsored by Apollo Neuroscience, the company behind the first wearable scientifically proven to improve heart rate variability resulting in faster recovery and more consistent peak performance. Apollo’s vibrations engage with your sense of touch, training your autonomic nervous system to bounce back more quickly from physical and mental stress. They have recently released the results from an independent pilot conducted by the Head Olympic Strength and Conditioning Coach at the University of Minnesota that found Apollo had increased heart rate variability in 100% of athletes who used Apollo for physical recovery and performance in pre- and post-exercise challenges.

Below is a video of Dr Maroon’s Lecture Presentation.

2019 Session 9 from Advisor Communications on Vimeo.