Dr Maroon Discusses CBD in Better Nutrition Magazine

Dr Maroon Interview on CBD Jan 2020Better Nutrition Magazine January 2020 Issue – Dr Joseph Maroon was recently interviewed by Better Nutrition Magazine on the topic of hemp-derived CBD (Cannabidiol). The Magazine interviewed  Dr Joseph Maroon and a pharmacist about the facts and fiction surrounding CBD as a dietary supplement. In the article they cite many of the findings reported in his 2018 article in Surgical Neurology, entitled, Review of the neurological benefits of phytocannabinoids.

Here are some of the quotes from the magazine.

“Hemp-derived CBD has a very large therapeutic potential to help in a multiplicity of ways,” says Joseph Maroon M. D., neurological surgeon at the University of Pittsburgh, and pioneer in nutritional healing and co-author of a recent scientific review on CBD. “It is significant anti-inflammatory, analgesic – pain reliever and it’s an anti-anxiety agent.”

“However, states Maroon, CBD is not a cure-all. Rather it works best when use much like aspirin and the other over-the-counter pharmaceutical remedies as a safer plant derived alternative.”

Dr. Maroon notes that the label when you buy CBD is important to review. “In capsules and tincture‘s hemp CBD should be extracted from the aerial parts of the plant and should be broad-spectrum or full spectrum, meaning that in addition to CBD it contains other beneficial components found naturally in the hemp plant. When choosing topical CBD balms or lotions, check other ingredients on the label for possible skin irritants or allergens.”

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