Reflections of the Spiritual Side of a Balanced Life

Maroon 2019 at MonasteryDecember 28, 2019 -Dr Joseph Maroon’s book, Square One: A Simple Guide to a Balanced Life, is more that a self-help book.  Square One is the result of a lifetime of successes, failures and personal life lessons that most people would keep to themselves.  Fortunately, to our benefit, Dr Maroon has shared these stories and the lessons learned.

The book is the result of ultimate self reflection that includes his annual visits to local monsitaries at this time of year.  For over 20 years Dr Maroon has used his free time that opens up every year between Christmas and New Years to reflect and renew within the beauty and piety of the few remaining monasteries in the tri-state area.

This year he took refuge at a Greek orthodox monastery near Ellwood city enjoying the the resident nuns daily prayers, singing and the artistry of the numerous icons that adorned the chapel.

Some Excerpts from Square One: A Simple Guide to a Balanced Life (Click on the Title to Order this Book)

A GOAL OF ALL SPIRITUAL PRACTICE—whether it’s worship, yoga, community service, prayer, or meditation—is to gain perspective on the greater purpose of our lives, and these practices may well provide the best answers we have to the very large question of “Why?”

I’ve also continued to find great comfort in learning about varied religious and spiritual practices, and while I embrace all the benefits of modern science, I respect the deeply held human need for belief in something that cannot be seen or explained. I repeat simple mantras and Bible passages in my mind while I’m running miles, swimming laps, or biking hills to train for races, and I have no doubt those words help me get through grueling competitions. I also take the time to learn about my patients’ lives, their families, and their concerns, and if they wish, I’ll touch their hand or arm and say a simple prayer with them. I can see the calming effect immediately—in their faces, in their eyes, in their grip on my hand. And numerous studies have shown that by embracing faith when dealing with medical procedures, patients have lower stress-related cortisol levels, improved immune systems, and even reduced recovery time.

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