Dr. Joseph Maroon Discusses Burnout and Stress During Interview with Apollo Neuroscience

The Apollo wearable device that fits on the wrist like a watch. It is a consumer wellness device intended to help manage stress, challenging life transitions, and to promote a healthy lifestyle. During the weekly Apollo blog post Dr. Maroon discussed the five stages of burnout and recognize and reverse the stress-burnout cycle.


The five stages of burnout: Reversing the tides of exhaustion
Psychologists recognize burnout as a succession of stages. If you can notice each stage as it emerges, it can be a reminder to initiate stress-relief practices before the stress intensifies.

  • A honeymoon phase: In the excitement of a new role, you might focus on your work at the expense of your own priorities. When you override your inner compass or bodily signals for the sake of your performance, you can initiate a path to burnout.
  • The onset of stress: This phase begins when stress becomes intermittent. The unpredictability can cause anxiety, avoidance of work-related decisions, and trouble focusing.
  • Chronic stress: At this phase, tension and pressure become intense, overt, and constant, leading to procrastination and apathy.
  • Burnout: This is the turning point where burnout sets in completely: Exhaustion, cynicism about the value of your work, and ineffectiveness reach a fever pitch.
  • Habitual burnout: If you don’t mitigate the causes of your burnout, anxiety, and stress can become chronic, embedded aspects of your life.

He also discussed the Benefits of Heart Rate Monitoring specifically, Heart Rate Variability.

Why HRV training is the antidote to burnout

  • To prevent or reverse burnout, it’s critical to create a platform of physiological safety. While mental coping strategies can be useful, exercises that induce safety at a nervous system level serve as root-cause level approaches.
  • Heart rate variability (HRV) training is the best way to do this. HRV refers to the variations between heartbeats. It’s a metric of nervous system balance: it indicates how resiliently your nervous system responds to changing demands of the environment.
  • You might be up against some significant setbacks, but training your HRV will give you greater clarity and resolve to face them. And if you’re already feeling burnt out, HRV training can work to unravel the problem at its source.

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