Dr. Joseph Maroon Shares Secrets to Healthy Joints

In the Summer 2022 edition of Fifty-Five Plus Magazine, Dr. Joseph Maroon shares his secrets about preserving joint health.  In his article, entitled Secrets to Healthy Joints, Dr. Maroon relates a fact the many people don’t know.

If I were to ask you what part of our body contains the most joints?  Most would say either the hands or feet, with the hands in fact having 29 joints each for most people. The fact is the spine with 24 vertebra and 2 joints each has more joints with a total of 48. As we become more active in the summer weather, join pain, especially back pain can be a major disability. For many, back pain is the most common cause of missed days work other than the common cold.

Dr. Maroon then discusses ways to keep not only your spine, but all your joints in better shape.

The first secret to better joint health is prevention. Your joints require a moderate amount of use each day. Walking 30 minutes and stretching and light weights or bands will generally be sufficient to help prevent more serious joint destruction. Also avoid joint overload by eliminating excessive weight (both what we lift and the weight we carry on our joints), and by avoiding overly repetitive movements. These stressors will accelerate joint decay and lead to joint pain and inflammation. Additionally, proper hydration will help to maintain adequate levels of synovial fluid levels.

Read the entire Joint article, along with other interesting topics, in the Fifty-Five Plus Magazine. Dr. Maroon is a regular contributor to the magazine and focuses on healthy living topics.