See Dr Maroon’s Interview with Dr Mercola on Burnout Prevention

In perhaps the most comprehensive interview ever done by Dr Maroon, nutritional specialist Dr Joseph Mercola asks the right questions about the epidemic of professional burnout.  Dr Maroon’s recently published book, Square One: A Simple Guide to a Balanced Life, is the basis for the interview but the conversion branches out to many interesting topics.

As summarized in the accompanying Mercola website article found HERE:

  • Symptoms of burnout include emotional and physical exhaustion, loss of perspective, lack of connection with your work and depression
  • To avoid or recover from burnout, you need to address any imbalances in the four key segments of your life: mind/work, relationships/family, spirituality/mindfulness and physical activity/health
  • Each and every day, each of these four sectors of life needs to be actively pursued and nourished

See entire video interview below: