Dr Joseph Maroon Keynote Speaker at 105th PA Neurosurgical Society Meeting

PNS Meeting LogoJuly 20, 2018 – The 105th Annual Pennsylvania Neurosurgery Society Meeting was held in Hershey, PA with Dr Joseph Maroon as their 2018 Keynote speaker. With over a 100 neurosurgeons gathered, Dr Maroon spoke to the crisis afflicting not only neurosurgery but all medical professionals – Burnout!  In his lecture Dr Maroon recounted his own story of burnout and how he overcame work-related stress.

In his recent book, Square One: A Simple Guide to a Balanced Life, he relates both his fall and rise from burnout and the 4 steps he uses to overcome stress and rebalance his life. The lecture was well received with Dr Maroon receiving a standing ovation.

Keywords: Joseph Maroon, Burnout, PA Neurosurgical Society

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