Joe Furman

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Joe Furman

Surgery: Cervical discectomy and fusion (C5-6)
Date: May 11, 2009

  • A US Marine reserve, Joe heard a “pop” in his neck during a training exercise and soon developed neck and shoulder pain
  • A MRI showed a disc collapse and nerve root and spinal cord compression at C5-6
  • After the surgery “I had immediate relieve in my right should and arm pain”. Back in the Marine reserve, he says: “Dr. Maroon helped me to get back to what I love”.

US Marine Joe Furman’s Battle to Return to his Unit

Joe Furman is in the US Marine Reserves and has been deployed numerous times to serve in Iraq.  While at home during a training exercise, he heard a “pop” in his neck and began to have neck and right shoulder pain.  He went through extensive PT, but despite exercises, heat, message, and ultrasound treatments, he continued to suffer.

Joe  had an MRI and eventually was referred to Dr. Maroon for disc collapse and nerve root and spinal cord compression between cervical vertebrae 5 and 6 (C5-6).  “I had been seen by another neurosurgeon before seeing Dr. Maroon, but I was confused and concerned about my condition and whether or not I could get back to the Marines after surgery”, said Joe.  “Dr. Maroon immediately made me feel comfortable and showed me on my MRI exactly where the problem was and what he was going to do to help me.  He spoke to my level of understanding and relieved a lot of my concerns.”

On May 11, 2009, Joe underwent an anterior cervical discectomy to relieve the pressure from his nerves and spine and then fusion with a plate to hold the bones in place.  Per Joe, “I had immediate relieve in my right should and arm pain.”  He was sent home the next day but about a week or two later began to have left arm and hand pain.  He was seen again and found to have some nerve inflammation.  After about 2 months, all his symptoms were improved and he began to recondition to return to active Marine duty.

“I am now able to do over 20 dead hang pull-ups the same number as I did before surgery”, proudly asserts Joe.  I had the chance to medically retire from the Marines, but Dr. Maroon has helped me to get back to what I love”, said Joe.  “Also I have been taking the omega-3 fish oil based on Dr. Maroon’s recommendation and all my joints, including my knees which had been painful, are now better as well”

Photo: This is a picture of US Marine Reservist Joe Furman in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom.  He is standing in front of one of former dictator Saddam Hussein’s palaces located in Ramadi, Iraq.  This was the site of some of the furious fighting in Iraq in the early part of the war.  This plaque was presented to Dr. Maroon by Joe.

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