Norbert Alphonso

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Norbert Alphonso

Age: 62
Surgery: Lumbar Interbody Fusion
Date: December 4, 2009

  • Interbody Fusion for DDD of the Spine

Interbody Fusion Cage XrayLumbar Interbody Fusion
Norbert Alphonso* is a 62 year old who enjoys being able to do his own work around the house.  “About two years ago my back started to hurt, said Mr. Alphonso, at first I just continued to do my work but the pain became so intense that I couldn’t do anything at all.”  He sought out several physicians and had spinal injections physical therapy with only minimal results.  “The pain in my back was 10 out of 10 before I saw Dr. El Kadi”, said Mr. Alphonso.

About one year after the pain started he had a MRI.  Dr. El Kadi evaluated him and the MRI was reviewed. By this time he also had complains of right leg pain.  The MRI revealed severe compression of the L5-S1 disc space and a small herniated disc at that level.  He underwent a discogram, which is designed to further confirm that the L5-S1 disc was the source of his pain.  This was also positive and he was thought to have both degenerative disc disease and a herniated disc at L5-S1 (see photo).

Dr. El Kadi proposed the best treatment for Mr. Alphonso would be to do an interbody fusion with VG-2™ bone grafts. This would re-expand the disc space and also fuse the L5-S1 level to stop the movement that can cause the pain with movement.  He would also do a discectomy to treat the herniated disc at that level.  Mr. Alphonso agreed and had the surgery at Presbyterian University Hospital on 7/27/01 and was discharged two days later. (See post-operative photos of the interbody VG-2™ bones placed at L5-S1.)

“At first I still had some of the same back pain but after about two weeks the pain improved and now I am pain free, stated Mr. Alphonso.  I am able to mow my grass and do anything I want.  The operation was a great success.” Mr. Alphonso’s results are usual of this operation. Each patient’s recovery differs and depends on many factors. Age, sex, type and amount of disability and length of symptoms all play a role in the recovery process. Our goal in all cases is to allow the patient to resume all the activities they did prior to your injury whenever possible.

* Mr. Alphonso has signed a released to permit the release of this personal information. We will not disclose any information unless the parties involved agree in writing. Mr. Alphonso chose to permit this information because of his gratitude to Dr. El Kadi and his staff