Why I Don’t Use Hip Bone for Spine Fusion

Iliac Crest

Why we don’t use hip (iliac crest) bone  for fusing the cervical spine

A persons hip bone or  iliac crest bone is still commonly used by some surgeons as graft bone to be placed in the disc space following anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF) surgery.  The use of this bone graft as a spacer following ACDF is often used along with a plate in order to hold the spine stable as the bone fusion takes place.   Advancements in this plate technology as well as our ability to prepare donor bone for fusion implantation has allowed many surgeons to avoid taking the hip bone for use as a graft. Using donor bone with or without cervical plates has resulted in similar fusion results with our patients and we thereby have avoided the problems and pain associated with acquiring the hip bone at the time of surgery.

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