What are The Right Choices for Better Health

Jan 2021 – Dr. Joseph Maroon is a neurosurgeon by profession and a living example and advocate for the benefits of healthy living.  As one of the first to embrace the sport of triathlons, Dr. Maroon remains as a world-ranked competitor in his age group.  Over the years he has lectured to thousands on the benefits of healthy living and is now making this information available to all in a series of video lectures.

Attached is the first in a series of 20 to 30 minute video slide presentations that will present decades worth of research on the topics related to healthy living and healthy choices.  The first lecture is an overview of the four main areas that Dr Maroon uses to classify healthy living:

  1. Improved Diet
  2. Increased Exercise
  3. Reduction of Excessive Stress
  4. Reducing and Removing Life-threatening Toxins from your Environment

In this series he will explore each of these categories and explain what are the “Right Choices” for a healthier life.

Come back frequently to see each video and you too can learn the secrets to over 5o years of research into preserving health and brain function for a lifetime.

Watch Introductory Video – BELOW