Radio Show Interview with Dr Maroon on Gut-Brain Connection

March 23, 2021  Dr Joseph Maroon was recently interviewed by KDKA Radio Hosts Larry Richert and Kevin Battle on the importance of Gut health and its link to brain health and emotions.  The human gut or large intestines’ have billions of bacteria that aid humans in many ways.  These bacteria are called the microbiome and help in the digestive process, extract vitamins from food and help our immune system.

Functions of a Healthy Gut Microbiome Beyond Energy Production

  • Regulates immune function – Microbiome can quickly identify pathogens and alert the host
  • Prevents growth of harmful microorganisms – Maintains a steady state of bacteria by making hostile environment for harmful invaders
  • Fermentation of fiber – breaks down cell walls for Energy extraction
  • Production of nutrients
    • Vitamin K2
    • B vitamins
    • Short chain fatty acids (SCFA) (Energy)
  • Influences hormone and neurotransmitter production

Recent research has demonstrated that a healthy microbiome in our Gut can also influence our mood and emotional state.  This relationship is called the Gut-Brain Axis or Connection.  Stress is one of the most common emotions we have and has been directly linked to Gut function.  The pathway goes both ways and the health of our Gut influences our stress levels and mood.

During the Radio show, posted below, Dr Maroon discusses this interesting relationship and ways to improve both our Gut health and our emotional wellbeing.

Hear the KDKA Broadcast HERE.